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I have been planning to write a blog about Vine using excellent examples of the six second video that real brands have posted. I was going to use these videos to show exactly what your business needed to do on Vine to use it successfully and make your followers fall in love with you.

So I started researching, and found this excellent article by Bidisha Gutpa on Social Media Today. It covers everything I wanted to explain and did it so much better than I could. Instead of trying to make my own that pales in comparison, I am just going to send you lovely readers over to her article to learn! I know it seems like I am cheating, but I have to give credit where credit is due! So click on the picture of her article below to get some great advice on using Vine for marketing.

vine post in april

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Bryan Sorrentino, this bit of my 2 cents is for you. 😉 I’ve been stewing on this since reading about it from Guild West Agency yesterday. Whether they redistribute, rename, redo, re-whatever, I simply won’t worry about it anymore. My problem has always been, if they have to tell me repeatedly how wonderful this new platform is, and it was never obvious or intuitive how wonderful it is, then it is not so wonderful.
My clients, friends, and family have no interest in Google+. I’ve asked several times throughout the past year. The fact is, I care about where they choose to hang out for social interactions and information gathering. I care to listen when they say, “No, I’m not interested in this”. Perhaps, Google has now cared to listen, too.
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Most professional social media work is a daily grind. You publish posts, look for followers and track stats. And you know, more or less, what sort of engagement figures you can expect to receive for each item of content you publish.

Whether you are writing for a small company with just a few dozen followers or a large firm with a giant following, you should know how many comments, likes and shares each kind of post you publish each week will receive.

And then something surprises you.

You upload a post and it goes viral. Instead of picking up the usual response, you find that it is spreading along networks, sparking discussion and earning many times the number of likes or retweets that you would expect.

That is what happened to Charles Schwab recently.

The finance firm’s Facebook account usually has pretty low engagement figures. Its posts are made up…

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google-plus-360Google+ is generally misinterpreted as having been created to contend with Facebook. But there is a lot more to Google+ than people just their interpretations on. In fact, Google+ has a lot of features and functions and benefits for the end user that Facebook can barely keep up with. The tools that Google+ offers are exceptionally useful for marketers like me, but this also true that they are particularly not easy to handle.

Here is a few tips for using Google+ to help market your business better:

Google+ Embedded Posts

This is a great feature of the Google+ that allows you to publish your Google+ posts directly onto your blog. Usually, when you post something on Google+, it eventually gets lost somewhere in the news stream. By using Google+ embedded posts you can revive your post, more people will be able to see what you’ve posted on your Google+ when…

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Adding To The Noise

One of the main things I have learned working through the digital and now social media revolutions is that the truth, transparency and power of social media requires a fundamental shift in thinking for the marketing, advertising and PR profession.

Social Media Marketing

If we truly want to control brand communication today, we must be willing to give up control. Not an easy thing for human nature and professional disciplines that are taught and practiced in the very opposite manner. Pick up any Principles of Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations text and you will find the same – methods, strategies, and processes all designed to control the message.

Even with the advancement of the new discipline of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) all brand communication is attempted to be controlled an put into one unifying message across consumer touchpoints to combat advertising clutter and loss of mass media audience.

Maybe that is why so…

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An image of the Twitter Bird

Recently I’ve done quite a lot of presentations to companies and business groups about starting to use social media for business. I have been surprised how many companies have avoided social media for so long. This is mainly for one or more of these reasons:

  • They’ve felt it’s all to complicated and techie for them to understand.
  • They’ve never struggled for business and so felt they didn’t need to use social media.
  • They don’t have the time to do it.
  • None of their clients use social media and Twitter in particular.

I find that these companies are now showing an interest because:

  • Their competition is using social media and so they feel they need to have a voice as well.
  • Through colleagues and peers, they’ve been told how easy it is.
  • The economy has hit them and whereas before they didn’t need to promote their activity, they now need to…

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What if there were a way to automatically identify credible tweets during major events like disasters? Sounds rather far-fetched, right? Think again.

The new field of Digital Information Forensics is increasingly making use of Big Data analytics and techniques from artificial intelligence like machine learning to automatically verify social media. This is how my QCRI colleague ChaTo et al. already predicted both credible and non-credible tweets generated after the Chile Earthquake (with an accuracy of 86%). Meanwhile, my colleagues Aditi, et al. from IIIT Delhi also used machine learning to automatically rank over 35 million tweets generated during more than a dozen major international events including the UK Riots and the Libya Crisis. So we teamed up with Aditi et al. to turn those academic findings into TweetCred, a free app that identifies credible tweets automatically.

CNN TweetCred

We’ve just launched the very first version of TweetCred—key word being first. This means that our new app is…

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